This article will be focused on the causes and exercises to hip pain. If you are experiencing Front of Hip Pain, then find out why and these exercises that you can try at home. Most of the time when people come in to describe their hip pain, they mention it is radiating down the front of the leg or along the hip joint. Physical therapists consider this a primary hip problem. In the cases where the pain radiates down the leg, it is best to have a thorough exam to rule out pain generated from the back.

Front of Hip PainThe most common cause of musculoskeletal causes of pain in the hip is from hip osteoarthritis. Checking with a Physical Therapist may lead to a referral to an orthopedic surgeon when appropriate. This blog is not for people with this condition.

Often times, most pain comes from the imbalance of the muscles, soft tissues or ligaments that support the hip. In these cases, the femur can’t align with the center socket and may slip forward. If this is the case, we often find that this position irritates the front of the hip joint and is the reason for the pain when walking, flexing the hip or coming up from a seated position. This is often referred to as Anterior Hip Impingement


Front of Hip Pain or “Anterior Hip Impingement” – Typical Causes


Gluteal muscles are located on our backsides. There are three main muscles, the minimus, medius, and Maximus. Overall, we refer to these as the gluts. Together, they move our thigh behind the body as we kick backward. They also help move the leg to the side and inwards. If you are experiencing pain at the hip, you may have an imbalance of the front thigh muscles compared to weak glutes. This is typically indicated by altered walking patterns, poor flexibility and a more forward position of the head.

Exercises to Consider: Lower Abdominal Stabilization, Gluteus Maximus, and Medius strengthening.

2. Iliopsoas

The iliopsoas runs adjacent to your lower back and attaches to the inside of the femurs. The psoas muscles help with various things, such as lifting the leg (going upstairs) and bending forward to bring your trunk down to the knees. They should be relaxed when they are done working. However, sometimes they may be hyperactive and pull the femur forward making it hard for the femur to stay centered in the socket. When this is the case, the femur migrates forward and impinges upon the tissues and creates a front of hip pain as described above.

Exercises to consider: Lower abdominal strengthening, gluteus maximus, and medius strengthening.

Front of Hip Pain – Review and Next Steps

It is crucial to consult with a physician or physical therapists to assist you in your individual case.

Most times we recommend strengthening of the lower abdomens. These control the rotation of the hip that may prevent excess movement during lower extremity movements. These muscles should work independently from the back, so it is important to maintain stabilization. If the lower abs are weak, movements like running or jogging can cause unwanted rotation in the hip and thus lead to the lower back and hip pain.

Review our exercise videos below for more information


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